Tulum Beach


tulumbeachFor the past few years, Tulum has changed from a hippy beach to an "eco-chic and yoga" destination. 

You first fall in love visiting its ruins which naturally lays up a cliff. Built 600 years ago, Tulum formerly known as "Zama" which means sunrise, is unbelievably beautiful. 

Passed the ruins, you'll find Tulum National Park which covers about 1.5 km of white sandy beach and 665 ha of mangroves and jungle. On this beach, the famous "Playa Paraiso" wait for you to take the memorable picture of the most famous palm tree in Tulum! In the afternoon, you can see the fishermen coming back with their catch, join them to play soccer or go for a snorkeling tour to the 2nd biggest coral reef of the world.

After this area, begins a rocky part with small private beaches. You can enjoy an unforgettable cocktail at Mezzanine Hotel. Every full moon, Papaya Playa organizes a party on Saturday night. The oldest part of Tulum beach zone count of lots of small hotels, restaurants and little boutiques. You can exhange money there, watch a sunset overlooking the jungle @CielRose or dine at the traditional Zamas restaurant.

Following this road, you'll find a long sandy white beach with hotels, restaurants and few bars. Tulum is renowed for its tranquility, gourmet cuisine and yoga culture. Don't expect to find late night parties. These 8 kms of beach and road are magical, full of surprise, yoga classes, amazing food, mice lttle shops and perfect places to rest on the beach. Arriving to the arch, you enter the great Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.